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A Step-by-Step Guide to your primary care visit in Brooklyn.

Primary Care Visit in Brooklyn
Jun 02, 2024 134 views

A primary care clinic is your fundamental healthcare provider. You need assistance from your PCP to ensure your good health. Primary care centers are your ultimate partner whether you have common illnesses or prevent chronic diseases. Learn from Dr. Mohammed Azmir, an experienced primary care physician in Brooklyn, what you should expect in your primary care visit.

Before the Visit

Scheduling the Appointment

First, you need to make an appointment. You can apply for your appointment through the website. Some clinics offer walk in appointments for urgent issues. You have to fill out the appointment form with your basic information and the reason for your visit.


You need to make some preparations for your appointment. Our primary care physician will check your overall health condition. You must bring your medical history, medication list, and vaccination record. So make sure to gather all these documents before your appointment.

Insurance Information

Primary care clinics accept payment through insurance. You should bring your insurance card. But it is better to carry cash as well. You don’t have to experience embarrassment in case you can’t pay through your insurance plan.

Arrival at the Clinic

Required to Provide ID

You need to complete some formalities after you enter the clinic. You have to provide your ID and insurance information to ensure your visit is documented in our clinic.

Initial Assessment

Our nurse practitioner or medical assistant will conduct your initial primary care assessment. The following will be checked to understand your current health status:

  • Measure your height and weight
  • Check vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc.
  • Go over your current medications
  • Ask about allergies

After the assessment, the medical professional will record your medical history and the reason for your visit.

Meeting with Your PCP


Our internal medicine doctor will review the medical history documents. We will ask you questions about your symptoms and medical issues. You have to tell us about your symptoms and lifestyle in detail. Make sure you tell us everything honestly. 

Physical Examination

Our internal medicine doctors will perform essential checks to assess overall health. We will start by checking your heart and lungs. We will examine your ears, nose, and throat. This is done to detect infections, blockages, or other health problems. We assess your abdomen. reflexes and skin. The above mentioned assessments are general examinations. We will also check the areas of your body where you feel your symptoms. 

Diagnostic Tests

We may ask for laboratory tests to identify your underlying health conditions. You may need to do a few blood tests or urine tests. You may be required for imaging depending on your health concerns. 

Developing Treatment Plan

We analyze your report and create a comprehensive treatment plan. We give counseling on lifestyle modification in case your health issue can be cured without medication intervention. For instance, if you have kidney problem, we will provided nephrology treatment plan based on your overall health. We also prescribe you medicines if necessary. For advanced conditions, we provide you with referrals to specialists. You can ask our physician any question about your treatment, diagnosis or future consequences. 

Follow Up

Our primary care doctor will give you instructions on your health management. We will explain to you the medications and the doses. We will also give you additional information on things you may need to avoid in your lifestyle. We provide follow up appointments for ongoing treatment. We do your health assessments again to monitor your condition. We check the effectiveness of our treatment plan and make the necessary adjustments. 

Tips for a Successful Visit

Complete Documents

Bring all the necessary documents. You can bring reports of past illnesses as well. Sometimes your current medical condition can be linked to past conditions even if you have recovered decades ago.

Be Honest

Provide accurate information about your health, lifestyle and any issues you have experienced. Don’t ignore symptoms even if they seem minor to you. 

Health Notes

You should note down your symptoms the moment you experience them. Also, mention how many times or for how long those symptoms were present. This will help you to describe your problem in detail. 

Stay Informed

You should have a proper idea about your health insurance coverage. You can call the clinic or your insurance company to know whether your payment will be adjusted or not.

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