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Mohammed Azmir MD and his team strive to build a strong relationship with their patients based on trust respect and open communication ensuring that the patients feel heard and supported throughout their health journey

Best Primary Care Physician in Brooklyn
Best Primary Care Physician in Brooklyn

Your Health is Our Top Priority

Our practice offers a wide range of medical services including preventive care chronic disease management and acute illness treatment and is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness

Nephrology Services in Brooklyn NY
Nephrology Services in Brooklyn NY
Primary Care Physicians Brooklyn
Dr. Mohammed Azmir MD
About Us

Best Primary Care Physicians in New York

Live Well Medical Care PC is a multi-specialty primary care clinic located in the prime location of Brooklyn, New York. We provide high-quality, comprehensive primary care services to adults and senior citizens. Dr. Mohammed Azmir MD is the best internal medicine doctor who has been treating the New York for many years at our highly accessible clinic. Our primary care physicians are certified and experienced in treating various health conditions from common illnesses to chronic diseases including nephrology , hypertension , cardiology , and geriatric. We offer annual physical as part of our preventive care. Our comprehensive services lead to less need to visit the ER or see specialists. We provide immunizations and vaccinations in Brooklyn. Our PCP is the top rated and board certified nephrology specialist who is currently an assistant attending of the NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Our kidney diagnosis and treatment includes thorough examination, including blood and urine tests, to assess kidney function and identify potential issues. Our physicians are multilingual, fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. We can offer our services to diverse cultural backgrounds in Brooklyn. The clinic is well-connected by the F and G trains, with B67, B69, and B35 buses a block away. We accept major insurance plan. Live Well Medical Care is accepting new patients with walk-in and same day appointments. Make an appointment now. Our aim is to help you lead a healthier life.
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Our Services

We Offer The Following Services Listed Below

Best Primary Care Physicians in Brooklyn, New York

Our primary care physician will guide you to a specialty care whenever you need


Dr Mohammed Azmir MD assesses each senior patients and their family

Nephrology Kidney Health

Unlocking Kidney Health: Your Path to Wellness

Your Primary Care Partner in Cardiac Health in Brooklyn

We provide Cardiology service for all types of cardiovascular diseases

A & P Vaccinations

Our medical care offers vaccines for everyone

Comprehensive Podiatry Service in Brooklyn

Talking with a podiatrist at Live Well Medical Care P.C for assessment and treatment of foot and ankle condition.

Our Specialists

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Focused Personalized Care

We believe in treating each patient as an individual and tailor our care plans to meet your specific needs. Our team takes the time to listen to your concerns and collaboratively develop a treatment strategy.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our facility is equipped with the latest medical technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. We continually update our tools and techniques to offer the best care possible.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of medical services, from preventive care and screenings to specialized treatments and surgeries. This means you can have all your healthcare needs met under one roof.

We have Expert Team

Our medical staff consists of highly qualified physicians who are experts in their respective fields. They are committed to providing evidence-based, patient-centered care.

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Our Physicians

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Mohammed Azmir MD

Dr. Mohammed Azmir, MD is an internist, nephrologist, and primary care doctor in Brooklyn, NY. He has over 23 years of experience in treating kidney diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cardiology, respiratory disease, and other internal conditions. Dr. Mohammed is affiliated with Nyack Hospital and Assistant Attending at NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. He graduated from Chittagong Medical College in 1999.



Primary Care Doctor

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Accepted Insurances
We proudly accept patients/members of the following Insurance plans and strive to have this list updated promptly with the addition of new ones
Metroplus Health Plan
Oxford Health Plans
United Healthcare
Molina Healthcare


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