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Unlocking Kidney Health: Your Path to Wellness

Visit Live Well Medical Care P.C. for the best Nephrology Services in Brooklyn 

Nephrology services in Live Well Medical Care P.C. are handled by the top rated nephrology associates in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Mohammed Azmir, MD is our specialist who is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Live Well Medical Care P.C. has been providing nephrology services to Brooklyn locales for many years to address and treat their kidney problems. Our internal medicine specialist offers assessment and treatment for various kidney disorders. From acute trauma to chronic conditions. hypertension, and kidney stones, our comprehensive treatment covers all types of kidney disorders in adults.

Our best nephrologist in Brooklyn offers interventional programs for conditions like urology and hypertension. We focus on slowing down the progression, managing symptoms, and improving the kidney condition of our patients. 

Treat Various Kidney Conditions in Brooklyn:

Our Nephrology services in Brooklyn are designed to assess and treat various kidney health issues including:

  • Electrolyte, potassium, and sodium disorders
  • Kidney disease, failure, or insufficiency
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Lupus
  • Kidney stones (prevention)
  • Protein in urine

We are one of the best primary care clinics in Brooklyn. Make an appointment with us for the assessment of kidney disorders. We have services for routine check-ups and follow-ups. If your condition needs further intervention and advanced level treatment like Dialysis Care and Transplantation, we will refer you to the specialist. Your trust is our inspiration to provide you with the best nephrology consultation in Brooklyn. 

The multilingualism of the clinic makes it unique. This quality makes us acceptable to the multicultural community of Brooklyn, NY. Our primary care physicians are fluent in Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. The location is easily accessible as it is well-connected by the F & G trains. You can also visit by using buses. B67, B69, and B35 buses are just a block away. 

Live Well Medical Care P.C. is a leading nephrology and hypertension center in Brooklyn, New York. As your trusted partner, we prioritize personalized services for your kidney related conditions. 

Our Neurology Services 

Early Detection and Prevention

We offer routine check ups and remote monitoring. Our experienced nephrologists assess the patient's condition and are experts in identifying and diagnosing kidney-related conditions in their early stages. We focus on preventive care and work with you by educating you. 

Chronic Kidney Disease Management

Our team offers tailored treatment plans to manage chronic kidney conditions. We aim to slow down the advancement of the disease and reduce complications. We closely monitor your kidney function and guide you through necessary lifestyle changes.

Collaboration with Advance Care

Our associates of nephrology are a part of the network of skilled internal medicine specialists. Dr. Mohammed Azmir has access to renowned hospitals in New York. We refer our patients to the advanced level of clinical nephrology based on the patient's conditions. To maintain good kidney health, maintaining good heart health is mandatory. Visit our internal medicine doctor in Brooklyn for cardiology services.

Hypertension Management for Kidney Problems

Our hypertension management service is focused to address and treat hypertension and kidney problems. Hypertension affects kidney health to a great extent. Our specialists work to manage hypertension through medication, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications to protect your kidneys and overall cardiovascular health.

Services for diabetes patients

Imbalanced blood sugar level is one of the impact factors of nephrology. Diabetes can particularly impact kidney health and lower its functionality. Our primary care physicians in Brooklyn provide specialized services for diabetic nephropathy. The treatment plan normally consists of closely managing the blood glucose and blood pressure levels. We ensure they stay within optimal ranges using medication and making lifestyle changes. Lifestyle modification we suggest includes a low-sodium diet, regular exercise, and smoking cessation, which are essential.

Empower and Educate the Patients 

A nephrology doctor can help you manage your kidney nephrology diseases. But without self help, you cannot achieve wellness. We educate our patients and empower them so that they can be aware of their own health. Our nephrologists are eager to help you with self awareness, changes in lifestyle, and your overall kidney health. We have a preventive care program under our primary care in Brooklyn. Schedule an appointment with us and let the internal medicine doctor assess your health to find any kidney disorder.

Insurances accepted

We accept the members of the available insurance plans in Brooklyn. Patients from Medicaid, Medicare, Metroplus Health Plan, Healthfirst, Molina Healthcare, United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans, Magnacare, Humana, etc can easily access our neurology services in Brooklyn. Our dedicated staff takes care of all the paperwork and ensures it's sent to your insurance right away.

Get Appointment 

To directly consult with our nephrologist, make an appointment with Livewell Medical Care PC. Receive your personalized service for routine check-ups and make sure your kidney wellness.