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Patient Feedback Survey

A Patient Feedback Survey is a valuable tool for healthcare providers to gather insights and opinions from patients about their healthcare experiences. This survey allows patients to share their thoughts on various aspects of care, including quality of service, communication with healthcare professionals, and facility environment. By collecting patient feedback, healthcare institutions can identify areas of improvement, enhance patient satisfaction, and refine their services to better meet the needs and expectations of those they serve. Patient Feedback Surveys play a pivotal role in fostering continuous quality improvement and fostering patient-centered care.


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1. Are you/family/caregiver able to see your doctor when you need to? *

2. Can you/family/caregiver be seen on the same day if you call for an appointment? *

3. Do you/family/caregiver know that there is a phone number that you can call to receive medical advice from the doctor after regular business hours? *

4. When you/family/caregiver call your doctor with a medical question, do you get an answer on that same day? *

5. The practice space is clean and inviting? *


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6. Does your doctor explain things in a way that is easy to understand? *

7. Does your doctor talk with you about the medications you are taking at each visit? *

8. Are medical staff friendly and helpful? *


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9. When blood tests, x-rays, or other tests are ordered, does the practice give you the results? *

10. If you/family/caregiver have received care from a specialist, does your doctor seem to know about the care you received? *

Self-Management Support

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11. Does your doctor provide information on ways to improve your health? *

12. Has your doctor asked if there are things that make it hard for you to take care of your health? *

13. Have staff at the practice recommended services in your community or offered their own workshops to help improve your health (i.e., weight management groups, nutrition/meal support)? *

14. Are recommendations to you/family/caregiver received (including community service and supports) to improve your health helpful? *


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15. What is your preferred method of communication? *

16. How do you consider the waiting time? *

17. Do you prefer appointments during the morning, afternoon, evening, or weekends? *

18. Which weeknight would you prefer extended hours? *

Patient Feedback

How would you rate your overall experience?