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We provide Cardiology service for all types of cardiovascular diseases

At Live Well Medical Care P.C., we provide best cardiology services in Brooklyn. We have highly experienced team, led by Dr. Mohammad Azmir. We have great medical knowledge and expertise in treating a wide range of cardiovascular conditions. Our service offering includes cardiac testing, preventive care and intervention support, and risk assessment for heart-related issues. We also have access to the latest equipment and technology to assist in our initial diagnosis and ongoing monitoring. We focus on keeping the health of your heart in good condition. Your heart's health is our first focus.

Our custom tailored plans by our primary care doctors address each patient's needs and goals. We aim to improve the quality of the treatment and the overall outcome. Our team follows up with the patient, giving them guidance for preventing further issues.

Various Heart Conditions We Treat

Our physicians can diagnose and treat various heart conditions. It includes chest pain, hypertension, irregular heartbeat or any heart disease. Based on the condition of the patients, we may refer them to a specialist in Brooklyn for complex cases. But early detection is critical, so don't wait for symptoms. Come see us for proactive heart health screenings. Here is the full list of conditions we treat:

● Aortic stenosis

● Arrhythmias

● Congestive heart failure

● Coronary artery disease

● High blood pressure

● High cholesterol and triglycerides

● Heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias)

● Heart valve disorders

● Hypertension

Convenient Location

Live Well Medical Care P.C is situated at the heart of Brooklyn. Whether you travel by public or private transport, or simply cycle or walk your way there, our primary care clinic’s location is easy to find. If you want to visit us just take a bus or metro to our location. It’s very easy since it's close to B35, B67, and B69 bus routes as well as the F and G subway lines. We offer walk-in appointments and same-day visits. 

Proactive and Preventive Cardiac Care

We offer proactive and personalized preventive care in Brooklyn. We recommend regular checkups and screening of your heart for detection of any potential issues at their earliest stages. Our tests include cholesterol and blood pressure checks and electrocardiograms. Schedule your checkup with us today. 

Here at Live Well Medical Care P.C, we believe that educating the patients on lifestyle changes and helping them to maintain healthy habits can reduce the risks, so we put our focus there as well. 

Some patients have a history of heart disease in their family and we at Live Well Medical Care P.C understand and acknowledge that. That’s why, based on your family history or other factors, we create a customized prevention plan that suits your unique needs. Your individualized care plan will take into account your specific condition, medications, daily life and wellness goals.

Remote Monitoring

We offer Remote Patient Monitoring. It greatly compliments Cardiology related healthcare as it allows providers to monitor the blood pressure levels of the patients in a remote setting.

Comprehensive Care of Your Overall Health

What makes Live Well Medical Care P.C special? We provide multiple medical specialties under one roof. By having top practitioners in cardiology, internal medicine, nephrology, podiatry and geriatrics in our clinic, we can offer primary care for your overall health. 

Dr. Mohammad Azmir, our nephrologist lead, is Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has over 15 years' of experience serving Brooklyn's families. Being multilingual, Dr. Azmir speaks Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and English. He can provide healthcare services to patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Get Appointment from the Best Cardiologist in Brooklyn

Live Well Medical Care P.C is your go-to source for complete health and wellbeing. Whether you need your yearly checkup, help managing ongoing conditions, vaccines, or care when you're sick, think of us as your personal health partner. We'll keep your wellness covered so you can live life to the max.

Our approach is personal, proactive and aimed at long-term heart health - not just writing prescriptions. With the right preventive care and educating our patients, we'll partner with you in keeping your heart and overall physical well being. This patient centric approach is what sets us apart. Fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

We accept most insurance plans, cards and accept cash for payment. Our staff makes sure that all paperwork is submitted to insurance promptly.  Our patients don’t have to worry about this complicated process.

With our wide range of personalized services and experienced team of cardiologists, we guarantee quality cardiology services in Brooklyn that fit your needs. Get an appointment now to get the best possible care of your heart.