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Our primary care physician will guide you to a specialty care whenever you need

Live Well Medical Care P.C. is one of the best primary care clinics in Brooklyn. Our nephrologist and internist, Dr. Mohammed Azmir, MD, has extensive training and experience. The American Board of Internal Medicine has certified him as board certified. We are located at great accessibility and serving our services to Brooklyn locales for many years. Live Well Medical Care P.C. is a multilingual clinic that makes it unique. The multicultural community of Brooklyn finds us as their most preferred physicians because of our fluency in Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. Our location is easily accessible as it is well-connected by the F & G trains. If you are using buses, B67, B69, and B35 buses are just a block away. 

We have the best primary care physicians in Brooklyn for you and your family members. We assess and provide a personalized service based on your health conditions. We aim to ensure the well-being of the community. Our internal medicine physicians know your health and medical history. Having a primary care doctor in Brooklyn is the best idea to stay healthy in this modern era. It saves you time and money. If you or your family member experiences any emergency that needs urgent care in New York, Live Well Medical Care P.C. is there for you. Call at (718) 975-8702 and rush to our best primary care clinic in Brooklyn.

We prioritize the long term relationship between doctors and patients. This relationship builds trust, clear communication, and proper understanding for continual treatment of the patients. Our physicians address both of your psychological and physical health conditions. Our services in Brooklyn cover a wide range of healthcare.

Health Assessment

When you visit our primary care clinic for the first time as we are accepting new patients in Brooklyn, first of all, we will perform a detailed assessment of your health. We will evaluate your health to a large extent. To ensure your overall well-being, our focus is to identify any existing condition. As a result we will understand any risk factor to avoid further complications.

Preventive Care

Get preventive care as a part of primary care in our clinic. There is an old popular saying “Prevention is better than cure.” We want our patients to stay healthy with lower chance of having future health complications. Make an appointment and visit Dr. Mohammed Azmir, MD for vaccinations, screenings, and routine health exams in Brooklyn. Understand your potential health issues and let our internal medicine doctor help you to prevent any serious complications. 

Managing Chronic Conditions

Chronic diseases make our daily lives miserable. People live with various chronic conditions. Our internal medicine doctor provides primary care to patients of diabetes, kidney disorders, hypertension, respiratory problems, and many more. We must make a long term relationship with you. We have services for ongoing monitoring and help you manage your chronic conditions effectively. Live Well Medical Care P.C. will empower you to improve the quality of your daily life. 

Acute Condition Treatment 

Acute conditions do not stay longer but they make us suffer badly. Acute illnesses like common cold, flu, fever, etc need immediate treatment and support. Our primary care physicians are here to help you with quick recovery and getting back to normal life. 

Medication: Dosage and Side Effects

When you start a new medication, it may show some common side effects. These will disappear with time without causing any harm. Sometimes the dosage of medicine doesn’t suit you and it requires the intervention of a doctor. Our primary care specialists will monitor potential side effects and explain the prescribed medication through remote monitoring. 

Counseling and Empowerment

No one can help you if you do not value your health and take proactive measures. Our general practitioners in Brooklyn educate our patients about their overall well-being. We offer personalized consultation and guidance on disease prevention, stress management, lifestyle modification, and food habits. 

Collaboration with Advanced Level Treatment

Dr. Mohammad is an active part of the network of primary care and internal medicine in Brooklyn. If your condition needs an advanced level of diagnosis and treatment, we will refer you to ensure the proper treatment. 

Live Well Medical Care P.C. is a one stop solution for primary care and internal medicine in Brooklyn. Our compassionate communication and multilingual approach make us unique towards the community. 

Call us today or make an appointment for the best primary care in Brooklyn.