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Talking with a podiatrist at Live Well Medical Care P.C for assessment and treatment of foot and ankle condition.

Are you searching for the best foot and ankle care in Brooklyn? Live Well Medical Care P.C. offers top notch podiatry services in Brooklyn based on your condition.

If you're dealing with common foot problems or looking for preventive measures, you should consider coming to our primary care clinic. Our experienced physicians in Brooklyn offer effective podiatry services. We diagnose and treat of variety of foot conditions, from warts and nail fungus to calluses and heel pain. We ensure the highest quality of service. Our foot doctors are experts in speaking various languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali. We can offer foot care for patients from diverse backgrounds. Based on the condition of the patients, we refer to the accurate specialties for best possible healthcare solutions. Get an appointment now at our primary care center in Brooklyn. 

Best Assessment and Treatment of Your Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle problems can affect mobility and affect daily activities, and overall health. For this reason, early diagnosis and treatment of any foot issue is very important. We treat our patients with holistic approach. Our foot doctors not only look at the symptoms or illness, but they address the source of the problem. We educate our patients so they take an active role in healing and take preventive measures. accurate specialty

Our Podiatry Comprehensive Services

We offer primary care and diagnosis for the following conditions:

Foot Injury

Our expert doctors treat common foot injuries with care. We assess various conditions including pulled hamstring, fracture, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and arch pain. We provide personalized treatment plans or referrals for early recovery and prevention. 

Diabetic Foot

We provide thorough assessments and foot care in Brooklyn for diabetic patients. Diabetes can cause various foot problems such as ulcer, infection, pain, tingling, narrow blood vessels etc. We focus on preventing and managing these foot complications. We even educate our patients so that they make informed decisions, and manage their health effectively for the best outcome.

Sports Foot Injury

Our podiatrists focus on diagnosing and treating sports related foot and ankle injuries efficiently. We help the athletes to recover promptly to resume their regular activities with minimal downtime. With our walk in appointment facility, you can come for an injury assessment for urgent care.

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection that mostly occurs on toenails. It happens when fungi enter into toenails, causing an infection. Our doctor will examine your nails and offer personalized treatment based on your condition. Recurrence of fungal infections is possible. We will help you with aftercare solutions to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Ingrown Toenail

Our doctor will diagnose and address them through a physical examination and discussion of symptoms, providing effective treatment options to ensure your comfort and recovery.

Heel Pain

Our experts assess your heel to identify the root cause. We offer personalized treatment plans for lasting relief and restore mobility.

Bunions and Hammertoe 

Bunions and hammertoes are toe problems that make your feet hurt and feel uncomfortable. Our special care in Brooklyn can help ease the pain and improve how your feet work by providing personalized solutions

Calluses and Corns:

Calluses and Corns hard layers of skin formed due to pressure. Our primary care doctors assess your condition and provide specialized solutions for relief. We also provide preventive care to ensure ongoing foot health and comfort.

Live Well Medical Care PC provides comprehensive care for your foot and ankle for overall wellbeing. Contact us today to book an online appointment and get back to active and pain free lifestyle!