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Lets know 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Kidney Disorders in Brooklyn and Know the Fact

Myth V Fact Kidney Disorder
May 15, 2024 186 views

Do you know that kidney disease is a chronic illness? This long term health condition takes a lot of time to develop within your body. You will find different types of information about kidney diseases. Some of them are true while others are just myths.

We are here with reliable information to help you learn about your kidney health better. Dr. Mohammed Azmir MD, reputed primary care doctor from Live Well Medical Care PC will debunk some common myths about kidney diseases with actual facts. 

Myth 1: You Can Not Prevent Kidney Disease

Fact: You may have heard that if your family history has any kidney disease then you can have that too. People also believe that preventive measures cannot stop you from having this disease. This is not true for all cases. You can avoid this medical condition by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

High blood pressure can be a reason for damaging this organ. You have to eat food that keeps your blood pressure normal to prevent urinary diseases as well as heart diseases also. You have to maintain other good lifestyle habits as well. Such as limiting your alcohol consumption, exercising regularly and avoiding salty food.

Myth 2: Urinating Frequently is a Sign Of Healthy Kidney

Fact: Do you also think your kidneys are working properly if you urinate frequently? Don’t be shocked. It is actually the opposite. Yes, you heard it right! Excessive peeing means your organ can be sick. You have concentrated urine with body waste when your kidney is healthy. 

But when your organ loses the ability to remove waste elements, it produces more urine. Also your waste materials remain inside your body which is harmful for you. So, you must go to our primary care clinic for regular checkups if your peeing frequency increases. Our nephrologists will look into your symptoms to identify the underlying reason behind them. Usually diabetes and hormonal imbalance damage the functions of your kidney

Myth 3: You Will Know If You Have Kidney Disease

Fact: If you think you will feel pain if your kidney is damaged then you are wrong. Disorder of this organ is not like other diseases that cause pain. Unfortunately you will never know about these diseases when it is in its early stages. You may experience some signs like blood in your pee, sleeping difficulty, or fatigue. 

If you are having these symptoms, it means your disease has reached an advanced stage. Contact our primary care doctor for such cases. We will assess your condition. We will refer you to a specialist if you need dialysis or transplant.

Myth 4: Drinking Lots of Water Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy

Fact: Your body needs about 8 glasses of water daily. It is important for your overall wellbeing. Drinking water may not directly have connections with ensuring kidney health. But it can help with some other issues that can affect your kidney. 

Urine infection causing bacteria can affect your kidney organs. Drinking enough water can help you wash out those harmful bacteria. Also when enough water passes through this organ, it carries the crystals with it. These crystals if were present within the organ, then they could have formed stones. So you could say water can be helpful in keeping your organs clean. 

Myth 5: Only Elderly People Get Kidney Disorders

Fact: If you think that young adults or children can’t have kidney disorders then you are wrong. These disorders do not have any age limit. Children can have diabetes, hypertension and other health issues. These are the major reasons that affect kidneys. That's why regular checkups from young age can help you detect these medical issues at their early stage.

Do you need medical assistance to ensure your kidney health? Get help from us.

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What are the causes of kidney disorders?

Factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, infections, kidney trauma, and genetic factors are the cause of kidney diseases usually. 

What are the symptoms of kidney disorders?

Symptoms vary depending on the type of disorder. Normally it can be increase in urine frequency habits or blood in urine or swelling in the ankles. Many people have suffered from fatigue, nausea, vomiting, or persistent itching.

How often do I need to check up for kidney function?

The number of checkups varies according to the health of each patient. You should see our primary care physician in Brooklyn more often if you have risk factors. It may include diabetes, hypertension, or a family history of illness.